Take your time, she’d say.

It is not very often that I see myself growing old but if I were to grow that old to remember only bits and pieces of my life, I hope to never forget Pinto.

I’m not in any way related to the owner or his family but I hope that they would forgive my unsolicited visits to their museum/house even outside of business hours. I hope that they would think of me as their resident senile stray dog who’s too fragile to damage any of the installations. I bet I’ll behave. Pinto would command me to be calm.

There would be times when I would feel strong enough to walk or even skip through each gallery staring at artworks until one awakes me and asks, “do you know me now?”

Other times, I’d find myself sleeping or just lying down in one of those antique four-poster beds under the trees, just feeling the warmth of the sun. I hope I will always have a decent nightgown on so that I will blend in. And since I’d be very old with stares that are no longer of this world or time, I may just be a living art, invoking feelings of curiosity and melancholy to our guests.

I’d probably learn how to draw, paint, sculpt or stitch myself. Although I won’t live that long to be a real artist, I bet I’d still be proud of my work. I wonder though if I’d have my skills intact, or if, in some days, I would have a two-year old’s fine motor. In return, I’d give the resident artists my warmest smiles… so that they’d tolerate my stay a little longer or until they learn to accept my semi-permanent presence in Pinto.

It may also be of interest to some to hear about my stories of unrequited love, the deepest ones and the invented ones. I hope people would ask. If not, I’d just write them down and add to the collection of Jose and Leonor’s. I like to write and if I get lucky, I might just cry reading through one of my letters forgetting that it was I who wrote it. Would I remember to write to my last love? What would I write to my past self? Pour mon papa et maman?

For now, let me not think about the trouble and worry I’ll give to my family for stowing away. They are kind and they love me. They will learn that, finally, I’ve found my place.

Flying solo now. I miss you all already. 😀

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