Chang, Cheng, Ching, Chong, Chung – the variations of my nickname. I do not mind being called different names. Let them be the accounts for the many personalities I have. I am hoping that blogging would let me keep up with the thoughts that I try to think aloud so that I would remember and appreciate them but just cannot.

When I was younger, I had this exercise to forget things (purposely, yes) but I am taking my memories back even without the pictures, letters or mementos that I have burned or thrown away. I believe that I am stronger and smarter now to deal with the past. As I have learned, it is important to do so to have a stable present and a promising future. Do not worry. This blog will not be a chronicle of my past. This will be about random thoughts by the current me. The goal is to keep them near the positive spectrum. I have read a lot of blogs and have been inspired by other people’s disposition. I want to make the same contribution by sharing my thoughts, hopefully affect you and communicate with you. I would like to make memories again and I want to share them with you.

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